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Every person deserves a Signature smile! We at Insight Orthodontics will provide affordable, flexible, customised payment options to achieve the desired smile!

We trust that the best way to achieve the signature smile that you desire is to customise the orthodontic treatment plan. With customisation, it is challenging to set a fixed fee as the cost of the treatment depends on the complexity, desired treatment goals, and expected duration of treatment. We will provide you with an all-inclusive written quote after the case presentation visit. The treatment coordinator will work with you and assist in choosing the most suitable payment plan for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Prescribed Orthodontic appliance (Braces or Invisalign), all adjustment visits, removal of braces and providing retainers, including supervision of the prescribed retainers for 12 months post-treatment.

There are essentially three choices

1. You may pay upfront, which means you will get a full-fee payment discount.
2. You may choose to be on a payment plan – No worries! We work with Denticare to offer Interest-free, flexible payment plans with a deposit.
3. Health fund rebate combined with option 1 or 2 – There are several health funds, and each fund has its terms and conditions. We will provide the quote and the appropriate item numbers associated with the orthodontic treatment plan. However, you should contact the health fund directly to obtain information about treatments covered and available rebates. Once this information is received, we can then tailor your payment plan

At Insight Orthodontics, we are committed to providing the best possible orthodontic treatment that is affordable and flexible. To ensure that you can access the best treatment when you need it most, we are excited to offer you a simple, interest-free direct debit service managed by Denticare.

Denticare is
1)  A direct debit payment plan
2) It isn't a credit or finance product, so you won't pay interest or have to go through complicated finance checks.

To be eligible for a DentiCare Payment Plan, you must be over 18, an Australian citizen, employed and not subject to any debt or bankruptcy agreements.

Offering flexible payment options

Also, suppose you or your child is in treatment or have had treatment completed by Dr. Arun Shailendran, we will gladly extend a family discount to your immediate family member when they commence treatment at Insight Orthodontics.


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