Life After Treatment

Desire . Achieve . Perpetuate

Congratulations! Enjoy your signature smile!

It is now time to perpetuate what you have achieved.

Believe it or not, we at Insight Orthodontics long for this moment as much as you do! We strive to produce results that enhance your well-being and that are maintainable for life. Preserving your signature smile is very important for us. Nevertheless, like most things, changes are inevitable. Fortunately, if you follow the instructions from Dr. Arun Shailendran, the changes that may occur due to aging will be minimised, and you get to perpetuate the signature smile that you always desired!

Ongoing support

We provide initial post-treatment support

To assist you during this preservation period, we will prescribe and provide you with the most suitable retainer and will keep you under periodic observation for a year after the completion of treatment. Orthodontic research and clinical experience have shown that if you are responsible, maintain the retainers, and follow the instructions for one year, it is very likely that you are going to continue to maintain this learned habit.

This is when you say goodbye. to the orthodontist. Your family dentist can now check the retainers during your usual six-monthly dental check-ups.

But do not worry; if you want to see Dr. Arun every 6-12 months to check your retainers after the initial period of retention (1 year after active treatment), then we will gladly book an appointment for you to see Dr. Arun. Please note that a small fee will be charged for these visits. We want to see all our patients preserve their signature smiles for life!