Interceptive (Early) Orthodontic Treatment

Evidence-based orthodontic treatment

Dr. Arun practices evidence-based orthodontic treatment and believes in seeing kids early, around the age of 7 years, which is in line with the current Australian Society of Orthodontists recommended age for an initial orthodontist assessment.

Examination at this age allows the recording of baseline features of development and allows longitudinal (long-term) monitoring of the child’s craniofacial growth and dental development. This invaluable data will enable us to provide the best advice regarding the timing and the need for orthodontic intervention.

Helping to achieve a signature smile you desire

Early examination of the teeth and jaws allows us to detect, evaluate problems and plan the best treatment. Our PRIMARY aim is to minimise the risk of potentially irreversible changes to teeth and jaws. Although, in some carefully selected cases, it may also result in shorter and less complicated treatment if further management is required later.

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