Metal braces

Braces are very efficient, accurate and time-tested appliances in Orthodontics. More than 100 years of research materials are available for your orthodontist to choose the best way of moving teeth and achieving a functional bite. Braces consist of bands, brackets, and wires.  They are usually made of stainless steel and selected metal alloys. Dr. Arun will choose the best braces to achieve the desired treatment goals.

Dr. Arun places high importance on his patient having healthy teeth and gums before, during, and after treatment. Therefore, before commencing the journey, Dr. Arun and his team will explain and demonstrate how to maintain your braces (your fine jewellery!) during treatment. 

Remember, it is best not to start braces treatment if we cannot satisfy the most important thing, i.e., oral hygiene. On some occasions, clear aligners (which are removable) may be an acceptable alternative to braces that are not removable by the patient.

Clear braces

The way clear braces works is fundamentally the same as metal braces, except if you prefer a less visible option, then clear braces (made of tough ceramic) are available.

You can still choose to proceed with the coloured O-rings (small elastic rubber bands) over the clear bracket, or you may prefer to blend it in with the clear braces by selecting a clear O-ring. But remember, you can change your colour scheme on every visit if you prefer.

Common Questions

In general, NO.

They are the tools that your orthodontist uses to move teeth. An orthodontist is the best person to determine if a particular appliance suits you! As we have already discussed, you are unique. Therefore, we need to choose the one that fits your presenting orthodontic problems and social, emotional, and personal circumstances.

Pain is highly subjective. High-quality research studies conclude that discomfort and pain during the first few days of starting treatment should be expected, and the pain should reduce after 48 hours. Unfortunately, the teeth and supporting tissue cannot differentiate between metal/ceramic/plastic or other tooth/jaw moving appliances. Therefore, the idea that some appliance cause less/no pain than others is not backed up by “scientific truth” and that it also does not fit into the laws of Human Biology in the known universe.

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